WATCH: Canada Day wishes from Prime Minister Trudeau and the Governor General

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement today in honour of Canada Day. 

“No matter where we are, today, as Canadians, we celebrate Canada and the people who have built the country we love."

The PM's statement acknowledges the work of Canadians and highlights the importance of infrastructure to the Canadian economy. 

“Canada’s workers build the roads and bridges that get us to work on time and back home again. They put food on the table for families from coast to coast to coast. Some are young people starting their career, or newcomers bringing fresh talent to the workforce.

Trudeau's message also gave a nod to the new tariffs that his government is starting to levy against U-S imports to Canada by highlighting the Canadian sectors targetted by the Trump adnminustration. 

“From Ontario steel to Quebec aluminum, from agriculture and the energy sector in the Prairies and the North, to forestry in British Columbia and fisheries in the Atlantic, Canadians get the job done – and build our communities along the way. 

In her own Canada Day message, Governor General Julie Payette, highlighted her first year in the role. 

"As I make my way to every province and territory from coast to coast to coast I am privileged to meet exceptional Canadians from all origins and to see Canada from a new perspective." 

The Prime Minister won't be attending the big Canada Day party on Parliament Hill today. Instead, he's going to be in Leamington, Ontario at a tomato-processing facility that became the area's largest employer after American-based Heinz shut down operations there.

The plant now produces ketchup again, which is one item on a long list of American products that the Trudeau government slapped a tariff on today. The tariffs target more than 60 American consumer goods adding up to 16.6 billion dollars.