WATCH: Canada Goose coat company opens manufacturing plant in Boisbriand

A first in Quebec for the Canada Goose coat company.

It has opened a new 95,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Boisbriand. 

It's hoped 450 area jobs will created by the end of 2018. 

"Back in 2000 or so, many people, many countries were taking their manufacturing offshore to chase better margins, presumably. We decided to double down on Canada and to commit to made in Canada and to commit to making our core products here and since that time we've been able to grow substantially. Today, we have almost 2,000 employes, most of whom are in Canada", said CEO Dani Reiss.

News of fresh area jobs is good news for the town.

15 years ago, neighboring Ste Therese saw the closure of a General Motors plant. 

Reiss and several local members of Parliament were on hand for the ceremony. 

They touted the benefits the factory will have on the local economy, saying the town’s restaurants will hopefully see an uptick in sales. 

Two hotels are also scheduled to be built near the plant to accommodate the workforce.


-With files from CTV News