WATCH: CDN/NDG borough studying resident's proposal to make Terrebonne St. one way to make it safer

An NDG resident is fed up with all the traffic on her busy residential street so she's asking the borough to turn Terrebonne St. into a one-way street with a bike path to make it safer.

After a car landed on her porch last summer during an accident and another car accident happened outside her house last month, Julie Beauchemin called on borough officials once again to take steps to increase security in the area near Terrebonne and Hingston. Beauchemin said luckily no one was seriously injured or was killed in both accidents.

"Luckily, yeah, because there's so many schools just between Cavendish and Girouard - there's so many schools, there's parks, there's a residence for older people," said Beauchemin.

Beauchemin said the traffic in the area has steadily increased during her five years living there and that it's bound to get worse as the work on the Turcot Interchange and general roadwork ramp up over the next couple of years.

"I'm working from home so I can hear people, "Beep, beep!" all the time," said Beauchemin.

"An accident happened twice in the same place so for me there's a problem."

Mayor Russell Copeman said he's asking borough services to see how a one-way Terrebonne St.  would affect traffic.

"One-way streets, I think, inherently, there's less traffic. You're not looking both sides to get across the street. I'm not ideologically opposed to that. It requires a propery traffic study," said Copeman.

"There's no sense in just displacing the problem elsewhere. If that means there's an increase on Monkland, an increase on Somerled of traffic, I don't think we've solved the situation."

Copeman said traffic studies are expected to begin in January.