WATCH: Celine Dion keeps her cool after drunk fan rushes stage

Superstar Celine Dion earned widespread praise on social media for her handling of an unusual situation at her Caesar's Palace show in Las Vegas on Friday night.

A drunk fan — clearly an admirer — crashed the stage during the show. Before her security detail could react, the singer took the fan's hand and spoke to her.

"Let me tell you something," the singer told her. "I'm glad you came up on stage tonight. I thought...I thought you just wanted to get closer to me." Dion kept calm, while the drunk woman reached for her neck and embraced her, attempting some dirty dancing moves in the process — all under the watchful eye of her security men, whom she waved off.

As that was happening, Dion sang a line from Barney the Dinosaur's "I love you, you love me" song, while the audience laughed and hollered.

Still calm, Dion interacted with the fan for another full minute before security finally whisked the fan off stage.

In the hours and days that followed, Dion was roundly praised for her handling of the situation.

"Celine just shows so much kindness and patience and love to someone who any other celebrity would have let their security guards drag her away," wrote Vanessa Rodriguez on Facebook. "For someone who could be a total diva in the worst sense of the word and it likely not affect her career or success or fandom in any way to show a kindness that is above and beyond to all people she meets and stay so humble is truly amazing."

"Just another example of why Celine is one of my spirit animals!" wrote Tracy Larocque on Facebook. "Not only does her voice sing to my heart from the spirits, but she has a gift of empathy and a higher understanding of the human condition."