WATCH: CHOM's Terry DiMonte goes to jail... for a good cause

CHOM morning man Terry DiMonte was handcuffed, live on air, and taken to jail Thursday.

Don't worry he didn't do anything bad (at least that we know of anyway), it was for a good cause.

DiMonte was taking part in a Jail or Bail competition. Students from John Abbott College's Police Tech Department "arrested" the rock jock and put him behind bars. From there people could stop by his cell and donate money to one of two buckets, "bail" would help free DiMonte and "jail" would keep him behind bars.

"So far he hasn't been lucky," JAC Police Tech Department's Paul Chabot told CTV Montreal. "So far he's always been detained. There's always more money raised for jail."

The money raised goes to the student assistance fund, which helps students at the CEGEP in financial difficulty.

More than $2,100 was raised in two hours.