WATCH: City councillor paints potholes to bring attention to the high number of craters

A Montreal city councillor is trying to help in the fight against potholes.

Jeremy Searle, an independent councillor for Cote-des-Neiges-NDG, has been painting the craters white to show how many there are.

He adds several constituents have complained about them to him.

"The message I want is people should be really, really very angry at this. People should not tolerate this," he told CTV Montreal.

Among other things, Searle criticized Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre for spending $300 million on the upcoming celebrations for Montreal’s 375th anniversary instead of fixing roads.

Searle said he will continue to paint the potholes until repairs are made.

The mayor had yet to respond to Searle's criticism, but Cote-des-Neiges-NDG borough mayor Russell Copeman has taken to social media over the matter.

Searle insists the paint he's been using is water soluble and biodegradable, that cars won't suffer stains as a result of driving over the paint.

-With files from CTV News