WATCH: Clashing protests expected at the border this weekend

It could be a wild weekend at the Quebec/New York as a number of groups with strong and differing views on immigrants are expected to hold their own demonstrations.

A group known as Storm Alliance plans to return to the border after organizing several anti-immigration protests near the Lacolle border last year.

Its members are calling on the federal government to stop asylum seekers from ever entering the country, instead of the current process of arresting them and holding hearings to determine if they are permitted to stay, measures required under the Safe Third Country treaty.

At the same time a group called Open the Borders said it will be holding its own rally to welcome asylum seekers.

"We feel that immigrants and refugees are a net benefit for our society. We're going to be down there and we're going to take the space to make sure that Storm Alliance does not get to go to the border with their racist and hateful message," Open the Borders spokesperson Aaron Lakoff told CTV Montreal.

Lakoff said politicians calling for the exclusion of migrants are only encouraging groups like Storm Alliance.

Police are ready for any potential violence.

The Sureté du Quebec said riot police, equipped with tear gas, will be standing by if the situation gets out of hand.

More than 7,600 people have entered Canada illegally this year; almost 96 per cent of them have been in Quebec.