WATCH: Class-action suit against Turcot consortium, TQ seeks damages for lost business

An NDG small-business owner and his lawyer hope to get everyone affected by the Turcot interchange construction paid out. 

They're launching a class action lawsuit against the Transport Ministry and KPH consortium for the nuisance. 

Frank Berdah owns "Decors Ora" on St Jacques and says the 25-foot wall blocking his store front and parking — plus all the noise and pollution from the work has cost him 5 employees and $150,000 in revenues.

"I agree the construction needs to happen," he says. "I understand, but there's other much better manners to do it than to just shut everybody down."

Berdah says the business, started by his father some 40 years ago, is on the brink of bankruptcy,

His lawyer Joey Zukran says both businesses and residents could qualify under their class action request.

"We're seeking damages for lost revenue for the the businesses affected by these works due to all the pollution, the noise, the dust and the inconveniences suffered by individual residents," says Zukran. "There has to be some form of compensation, to these people that have had to endure close to 2 years now of these troubles."

Zukran that the construction is going on for too long, and surpasses acceptable standards and Berdah says he's had it with asking officials to help.

"They shut all the doors," says Berdah. "I had communications with with the city, the minister of infrastructure, I even sent emails to Mr. Coderre but I never had any positive answer other than 'We'll look into it, let's see."

This suit, like all class action lawsuits must first be approved by a judge before it can move towards the courts.