WATCH: Coderre hints at do-over of the big bridge light show

If you missed last night's big light show on the Jacques-Cartier bridge for the city's 375th birthday, there may be a repeat.

Mayor Denis Coderre hinted Thursday that the whole event may be re-staged, because of the protest march by disgruntled police officers.

The police officers have been embroiled in a nasty dispute with the city over a new contract and changes to the police pension plan for the last three years now. Since the summer of 2014, the officers have been ditching their regulation uniforms for red ballcaps and camo pants as a pressure tactic.

At the weekly Executive Committee meeting Thursday morning at City Hall, Coderre mused, "we'll think about re-doing it," meaning the ceremony.

Hundreds of off-duty police officers staged a march through the streets of Old Montreal last night, while honking horns and blowing whistles. Earlier in the day, the police union had a billboard erected near the bridge, reading "a mayor show shows contempt for police officers for three years — that's something to celebrate."

The officers have been without a contract since Dec. 31, 2014.

Also on Wednesday, the city's firefighters came to a tentative deal on pensions with the city.