WATCH: Colourful makeover for Montreal taxis

A makeover for Montreal cabbies is on the way to say "bonjour" to the future.

Officials at Montreal city hall have made public the "Taxi Bonjour" initiative that sees cabs sporting a sleek, two-paint look; white on the sides and a bright colour on top, with the word "Bonjour" on the doors. 

Under the plan, Montreal's roughly 4,500 taxis would standardize their appearance to match the 12 "Taxi Bonjour" cabs that are already in service in the city. 

However, owners and drivers say the new look doesn't address the harsh economic realities their industry is facing. 

The head of a taxi company said the initiative might make for a good marketing effort, but at the same time, questions why cab drivers themselves have to pay for their vehicle's cosmetic changes when it's the city imposing the makeover.

“The industry needs changing. Obviously the industry is reeling with Uber and other factors. This is a good start, but what I see here is a good image with the city, but it puts the drivers and owners in extra debt," he said. “I don’t know how they’re going to convince owners to invest between $1,000 to $2,000 to put the film on their cars. They’re have to show them that it will enhance their income and I don’t know how it will”, said Champlain Taxi President George Boussios.

-with files from CTV Montreal