WATCH: Crews pave street around parked car

Ask the majority of Montrealers and they'll likely tell you the roads in the city are kind of a joke. 

Whether that reputation is truly merited is another story all together, but sometimes life lives up to the stereotype.

Prior to the Quebec construction worker strike, the crews working on René-Lévesque Blvd. were preparing for the upcoming Formula E race. 

There appears to have been a problem, a car slipped though the orange cones near the corner of Montcalm St. and ignored the no parking signs. Instead of having the car towed, crews paved around the vehicle, leaving a single parking spot untouched.

Projet Montreal, the city's official opposition was less than impressed with the work.

Asphaltage pour la Formule E: «Ce sont des travaux bâclés», dénonce @CraigSauve #polmtl

— Projet Montréal (@projetmontreal) May 30, 2017

A spokesperson for the Ville Marie borough told TVA the crew hired to do the repaving tried to get as much work done as possible prior to the construction worker general strike. Rather than waiting for the car to be towed they decided to go around. The contract calls for two layers of asphalt to be put down in order for the road to support the high performance race cars.

The borough said once the strike is over the crews will return to the site, finish the first layer and then apply a second. Officials insist despite how it looks the overall quality has not been compromised.