WATCH: Crown stays charges against 36 in anti-Mafia bust

The Crown has stayed charges against 36 people arrested in a massive anti-Mafia bust in Quebec.

A federal prosecutor says her office conducted an exhaustive review of the charges in the RCMP-led Project Clemenza and used its discretion to abandon the proceedings today.

Sabrina Delli-Fraine told reporters that numerous factors played a part in the decision, including a recent Supreme Court ruling that set strict time limits for cases to get to trial.

Delli-Fraine says the Crown will maintain cases against 11 other accused, with proceedings to resume May 23.

Project Clemenza was a series of busts against organized crime between 2014 and 2016 that led to dozens of arrests related to drugs and weapons.

The federal prosecutor can refile charges in the cases within 12 months should the evidence warrant it.