WATCH: Daycare worker fired after caught on video physically abusing kids

A LaSalle daycare worker was swiftly fired from her job after a video of her using excessive force with the children in her care surfaced.

"She was seen pulling children by the ears, she would step on their feet, and she would also slam their heads into tables, so I was very upset," said parent Kathy Kapogiannatos.

She suggests that while her dismissal is fine, it isn't enough — she wants to make sure the unidentified woman never works in childcare again.

But Christopher Pattichis, the general manager of Canaries Daycare in Lasalle, where the video was shot, said there's no guarantee.

"She could work anywhere," he said.

"There's no database by which we can inform other daycares that she had behaved in an aggressive, violent manner with the children. The only thing I can assure you, I said to the mother...that I will definitely not be giving her any good reference", added Pattichis.

Kapogiannatos said she she thinks the daycare should have gone to the police, to protect other people's kids.

Police and the government are now investigating.