WATCH: Denis Coderre called up police chief but denies asking for investigation into journalist

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre has wrapped up his testimony before the Chamberland Commission inquiry into police surveillance of journalists, repeating he never asked for an investigation into La Presse reporter Patrick Lagacé following his inquiries about a traffic ticket Denis Coderre got in 2012.

Coderre admitted he was furious when the story came out about the ticket he got for an expired licence plate that he says he paid. Coderre said it was the third such media leak at the time, including a police escort to the Corey Hart concert and a speeding ticket in Laval.

Coderre testified he admits he blew his top and called Marc Parent who was police chief back in 2014 but not to ask for an investigation, Coderre said, but to unleash his frustrations. Coderre said the suggestion was that he used his influence to get out of the ticket.

Coderre said he wondered whether this type of personal information being made public was normal, asking what was the goal.

Coderre testified he had his own theory: that the police union was behind these so-called police sources, unhappy with contract negotiations at the time involving pension reforms.

Coderre insisted up and down he had no inkling that an investigation was going on, and that he never interferes in police matters.