WATCH: Denis Coderre closes the book on right on red

If you were hoping to one day turn right on a red light on the island of Montreal, it won't happen while Mayor Denis Coderre is in charge.

Coderre said the latest figures from the S.A.A.Q. should finally end the debate, adding Montrealers aren't ready.

While overall road deaths were down, pedestrian deaths were on the rise in 2016.

Montreal made up nearly half of the fatal pedestrian collisions, 43 per cent, which for the Mayor is more than enough proof.

In a statement the association of Montreal's 15 demerged suburban mayors said the change could be implemented safely, but Coderre has the power as head of the agglomeration council, allowing him to make the decision for the entire island.

Montreal and New York City are the only places in North America that do not allow right turns on red lights.