WATCH: Disturbing testimony at murder trial for NDG man charged in girlfriend's death

Chilling testimony was heard at the murder trial for an NDG man charged in the 2013 shooting death of his girlfriend.

The next-door neighbour of the man on trial told the court he heard a loud argument inside his neighbours' apartment on Grand Boulevard in NDG on the morning of November 19.

Schubert Mania said he ignored the initial screaming and swearing, but became concerned after hearing sounds like someone was choking.

Mania testified he then heard his neighbour, Michael Gero, calling for help, and opened his door to see Gero standing in his boxer shorts, covered in blood.

Gero is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 19 year old Sherri Thomas.

The victim’s family attended the first day of the trial on Friday and said they intend to be there every day.

The trial is expected to last 4 weeks.

with files from CTV Montreal