WATCH: Driver, anti-caleche protesters clash over the weekend

Caleche Protest

A couple dozen protesters gathered in Old Montreal Saturday calling on the city to not wait until the end of 2019 to ban horse-drawn carriages.

The gathering wasn't so peaceful after a caleche driver joined the anti-caleche activists to rebuke the claims made by organizers.

"Half-truths, lies" shouted driver Pierre Lauzier. "You don't say the whole thing."

"If you want to say the whole thing than you set up your own protest," replied a woman holding a megaphone. 

The exchange and verbal jabs only heated up from there, all while tourists passed by, riding in carriages being pulled by horses.

The weekend protest was also meant as a way to honour the four caleche horses that have died, including a 15-year-old horse named Charlot, who collapsed and died on Saint-Jean St. earlier this month.

Quebec's Agriculture Department will perform a necropsy to determine the cause of death.

"You feel frustrated, you feel hopeless because you feel it could be prevented," organizer Mirella Colalillo told CTV Montreal.

"All these protests are from people who don't know anything," driver Michel Prince said. "Everyone is going around saying 'free the horse' - education is free. Maybe they should read a book."

Protesters say they will continue to fight in a bid to get the city to move up the date of the ban, but Mayor Valerie Plante has said due to legal considerations and a desire to aid caleche drivers transition out of their business, the City is not prepared to ban horse-drawn carriages prior to December 31, 2019.