WATCH: East end private school suspends students after suicide pact "joke"

Three students at an east end private school have been suspended after encouraging classmates to sign a suicide pact.

It happened at College Anjou, involving as many as 62 students in grades 9 and 10.

The students claim it was a joke.

Principal Luc Plante told CTV "it was a three-page document and the first page dealt with the suicide pact".

"We're taking this situation very seriously," said the note.

"Your child may have signed that letter, so we're encouraging you to have a discussion with him or her."

"Encouraging someone to take their own life is a criminal act so police deployed a crisis management team," said Plante.

"Serious or not, we talked to every student who signed that letter," added Plante.

The school quickly told police and notified parents by email.



-With files from CTV News