WATCH: EMSB commissioner alleges cover-up

Some commissioners at the English Montreal School Board say they're concerned about alleged irregularities at the board, involving the mishandling of tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

Commissioner Julien Feldman tells CTV Montreal he was aware of an internal audit on the issue but says what's disturbing is that the long time employee responsible for handling enrolment fees from summer schools was one of 2 candidates being considered for the position of assistant director general.

"Governance requires that this information, the information that there was an investigation, the audit committee is required to share that with council. The chairman sat on it, covered it up, and today we don't know what else the chairman is hiding," said Feldman.

An internal audit found that the employee repeatedly held on to tens of thousands of dollars in cash for several months, instead of depositing the money into the EMSB's bank account.

The employee was never charged with committing a crime and none of the money involved was stolen or unaccounted for.

A number of commissioners are calling for the board chair, Angela Mancini, to resign.

Mancini says as far as she's concerned the board acted appropriately because they believed the contents of the audit were confidential.

"There is no cover-up. As I said to you before, until the external lawyer was asked in terms to find out if internal audit committee documents could be made public to the council members. But the minute it became apparent to myself and to Mrs. Lobianco that the external lawyers came back with in fact this has to be given and can be given in fact this was done and was given to council members last week," said Mancini.

She says another investigation has been launched to make sure that the process for handling summer school fees is being properly followed.

With files from CTV Montreal