WATCH: Ex-Montrealer suspected of terrorism arrested in Turkey

A former Montrealer has been arrested in Turkey on suspicion of terrorism.

25-year old Wassim Boughadou was suspected of being linked to Al-Qaida and is now being linked to ISIS.

He was one of several CEGEP students who left Canada to join jihadists in Syria in recent years.

CTV's Stephane Giroux said, according to La Presse, Boughadou was suspected of taking 2 reporters hostage in Syria in 2013.

"The paper reports that back in 2012, Boughadou was already closely monitored by the RCMP while he still lived in Canada. By the way, he's a Canadian by birth, but he also had an Algerian passport and that's the one he used to leave Canada foir Turkey", said Giroux.

Earlier this year Boughadou told La Presse that it was his treatment at the hands of the RCMP, and the frequent discussion of reasonable accommodation in Quebec that made him feel like a second-class citizen, that led to his radicalization.

Mounties questioned Boughadou and seized his weapons after he began training in firearms at a Montreal-area gun range. 

Their investigation was prompted by a complaint that Boughadou and some others had spoke of wanting to shoot infidels instead of paper targets.



- With files from CTV News