WATCH: Family reaction following guilty verdict after woman was found dead in a shed

There's reaction from the family of the victim following the guilty verdict in the first degree murder trial of Jean-Philippe Tremblay.

The 28-year old former soldier was charged in the 2009 death of 47-year old Pina Rizzi.

Her body was found in a shed behind an auto repair shop on Notre Dame street east.

It was a cold case until Tremblay's arrest four years after the death in connection with an unrelated crime.

In a rare move, Justice Sophie Bourque allowed the victim's sister to address the jury.

"Basically, I thanked them several times for rendering justice for my sister, Pina. And I wanted to let the accused, Jean-Philippe Tremblay, know the price that this has caused, the price that my family has paid as a result of hias act", said Mary Rizzi in an interview with CTV News. 

She explained her brother, Tony, was very deeply affected by his sister's death.

"He never really recovered after my sister's death and in 2014 he died of a heart attack," said Mary.

The defence argued that while Tremblay admitted to killing Rizzi, he said the death was accidental, and that Rizzi attacked Tremblay first. 

His lawyer was seeking a conviction of second-degree murder or of manslaughter.

Tremblay has been senteced to life in prison. 

Considering time already served, Tremblay will have to wait 21 years before he can apply for parole.



-With files from CTV News