WATCH: Fire fighters rescue man after fall from Mount Royal

The Montreal fire department's "Spiderman" team was called in to rescue a man who fell from Mount Royal overnight.

Emergency crews were called at about midnight.

The exact circumstances are not known but it appears the 30-year-old man was on a path in a densely forested area that runs along the cliff side.

At some point he lost his footing and fell about 10 meters into ravine.

It took the high-angle rescue team about 30 minutes to secure the man. He suffered serious injuries to his head and back and lost consciousness several times during the rescue.

The location where the man fell is in the same area as where Shreyas Roy, a 38-year-old surgeon at Sainte-Justine Hospital, fell to his death last July.

In 2014, not far from the same spot a woman slipped off a ledge while watching the sunrise with some friends. Two years earlier a man suffered serious neck and back injuries after slipping.