WATCH: Former Canada-U.S. border crossing into Quebec popular among those seeking asylum in Canada

More and more refugees are coming into Canada through the United States, many of them doing so from New York state into Quebec.

Many are of Muslim origin, and feel they can no longer remain in the US, in part due to President Donald Trump's policy.

Both the RCMP and U.S. Border Patrol guards have been waiting on Roxham Road in Champlain, New York, a road that ends at the border. The road was once a border crossing, but was closed in the 1950s. It has recently become a popular crossing for those seeking asylum in Canada, who have to wade through knee-deep snow to make it over the border.

Many trying to enter Canada from the United States first arrive in Plattsburgh, New York by bus, then take a taxi as close to the border as the driver will go.

Those who cross into Canada illegally are detained by the RCMP and then begin the process of filing for refugee status, making it a strategic move for those seeking asylum. Detainees have been taking advantage of provisions of the Safe Third Party Agreement. The treaty between Canada and the U.S. allows any refugees seeking entry into either country to first claim protection in the country in which they first arrived.