WATCH: Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher crashes jam session at downtown pub

It was a very quiet Sunday at Mckibbin's Irish Pub on Bishop St. 

"We've never had a slower afternoon" Ben Cardilli, bartender at the pub told CJAD 800. "I was talking with my waitress and we were saying everyone was going to be at Osheaga this weekend."

After one couple came in and had breakfast, a man walked in and sat down at the bar without saying a word.

"I walked up and was like 'oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, that's Liam Gallagher'" Cardilli said. 

He said after a small internal freak out, he composed himself assuming the former Oasis frontman was likely there to enjoy some peace and quiet.

"He asked for a Guinness, I tried to pour him the perfect Guinness, the nicest Guinness I've ever poured anyone. Gave it to him, found him a soccer game to watch on TV" Cardilli said.

A couple moments later Gallagher went outside for a quick cigarette. Cardilli then let one of the busboys about the rockstar just outside, he added that's when any hopes of keeping the entire situation casual went out the window.

From there Gallagher spent a number of hours, hanging out with Cardilli, the rest of the staff and the few regulars at the pub Sunday.

He even picked up a guitar and joined the Irish Jam band for an impromptu jam session.

Gallagher's only request was that no one posts anything to social media while he was still at the pub, which everyone agreed to.

"It just seemed like he was having a great time, and they were having a great time, it was just a magical little moment" Cardilli said. "And then just like that after we bought him a few beers he said his goodbyes and went out the back."