WATCH: Gas taxes hit Montrealers hardest in Canada

In what won't come as a surprise to anyone who drives a car in Montreal, motorists are paying more taxes on gas than any other major Canadian city.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has released a report indicating Montrealers pay nearly $3 billion in gas tax every year. That amounts to $923 per driver on an annual basis, nearly $200 more than other Canadian drivers.

Carl Vallée is the Quebec director of the CTF, and tells CTV Montrealers pay six different taxes on gas; the carbon tax, the federal excise tax, the provincial fuel tax, and the public transit tax in addition to the federal and provincial sales taxes. Those taxes make up 52 cents per litre of gas, doubled what the rest of the country pays. The provincial fuel tax is set at 19.2 cents/litre, well above the Canadian average.

Vallée also says those taxes should translate into improvements to the city's infrastructure, but that hasn't been the case. He feels the municipal and provincial government should either do a better job at fixing Montreal's roads, or lower taxes at the pump.