WATCH: Guy Turcotte's lawyers back in court to appeal child-killer's sentence

The case of Guy Turcotte, the former cardiologist found guilty of second degree murder in the 2009 deaths of his two children, was back in court as he tries to whittle down his sentence.

Turcotte was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole before 17 years.

He was convicted of killing his children Olivier, 5 and Anne-Sophie, 3.

While Turcotte had dropped his appeal of the verdict, he is appealing the sentence.

His lawyer Pierre Poupart argued that the mental state of his client at the time should be taken into consideration. 

He also argued that his client had no criminal record, showed no previous violence towards his children, had a good reputation as a doctor, respected all his bail conditions, has a low risk of re-offending and expressed sincere remorse.

Poupart also insisted that this was not a crime of passion and there is no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Turcotte sought revenge on his ex, Isabelle Gaston by killing their children.

Gaston, who was present for the hearing before the Quebec Court of Appeal, said the years of court procedures have had an impact on her life, her plans and even another chance at motherhood.

But Gaston said it's important for her to carry on and give her children a voice.

Poupart is arguing his client be allowed to apply for parole in 10 to 15 years.

Gaston said it would send the wrong message if the parole eligibility was reduced to ten years.

Crown prosecutor René Verret argued that the jury decided that neither mental disorder nor drinking windshield washer fluid contributed to the murders or altered Turcotte's intentions to kill his children.

Verret said the sentence took into account the criteria of the evidence, Turcotte's mental state at the time and the absence of errors in the judge's directives.

Verret said the verdict was justified and the sentence was not unreasonable considering the circumstances and the seriousness of the crimes.

Turcotte was not present for the hearing. His parents were in court as was Gaston's mother.

Turcotte was found non-criminally responsible due to mental disorder during his first trial in 2011 but the crown appealed and got a second trial where Turcotte was convicted of second degree murder.

The judges have taken the case under deliberation and will render their decision at a later date.