WATCH: Habs playoff elimination bad for business

Montreal Canadiens fans may be disappointed the Habs are out of the playoffs, but bar owners and sports merchants are feeling the loss at the cash register.

Some merchandisers like Santana Enrique say they are in mourning from the short playoff run.

"When they make the playoffs it's our best season, but when they drop like this in the first round, it's very bad for us," he said, adding that prices on jerseys and other merchandise will be slashed to sell off excess stock.

"On Monday we're going to wear some black clothes," he continued.

Bar owners are also lamenting the end of the playoff run. 

"The wind is out of the sails, you know, the whole city is kinda fueled by the Habs when they win or lose, and it's not a good feeling," said Kenny Macintyre, owner of McLean's Pub on Peel St.

There were about six or seven rows of people standing outside our pub looking at our screens," he added. We were at capacity for all the playoff games, so we're going to miss that."

Corey stone at sir winstons churchill pub on Crescent street says a Monday night Game 7—had the Habs not been knocked out—would have been a boon for the bar on an off-night for drinking.

"I would have had to get some extra sleep [beforehand]," he admitted, no longer necessary without a hockey team to drive in patrons.

—with files from CTV Reporter Kelly Greig