WATCH: High School students given expired condoms during safe sex class

It may not be rain on your wedding day or that free ride when you've already paid, but promoting safe sex by handing out expired condoms is definitely ironic.

It happened last week in Terrebonne while health officials were speaking to Secondary 5 students at Armand-Corbeil School as part of an ethics and religion class.

After receiving the condoms, several students noticed that some of the math wasn't adding up, the condoms expired in 2015.

"We reacted very quickly to be sure that students weren't using the condoms and we don't have any information that students used the wrong condom," Eric Ladouceur of des Affluents School Board told CTV Montreal.

The error quickly made its way to social media, with students warning each other not to use them.

"They talk about safety - what we should do, what we shouldn't do, how we should use condoms - and then they give us expired condoms," one student told CTV.

Expired condoms are more likely to break and could be ineffective in protecting people from STIs and pregnancy.

Officials with the CISSS Lanaudiere said the mix up happened after an expired box of the prophylactics was mistakenly mixed in with the new ones during a recent storage move. 

According to the school board, only 20 expired condoms were distributed.

Taking it in stride, the CISSS Lanaudiere said it proved to be a great learning experience for the students and school to always double check the expiry date on condom wrappers.