WATCH: It's time to talk about organ donation with loved ones

This week is the 20th anniversary of the National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness campaign.

Each year the goal is to do one thing, get people and their families talking about organ donation.

According to Transplant Quebec there are currently 850 people waiting for a transplant, but aren't nearly as many donors.

The organizations says about one in every 100 people dying in hospital is a potential organ donor, which works out to a best case scenario of 300 potential donors per year.

If no plan is discussed, when a person dies the decision is left in the hands of family members, who are dealing with the loss and often deny any request at organ donation.

Veronica Turchetto and her family were faced with the decision eight years ago, when her father Marc died suddenly.

"I try to keep thinking that he would want us to be happy and to live a happy life" Turchetto told CTV Montreal.

Marc had not signed his organ donor card prior to his death, leaving the decision to his family. Turchetto said it took them some time to say yes.

"It's kind of reassuring knowing that someone can benefit," she said. "It would be kind of cool if organs could talk and say 'Oh yeah I'm having a great time in my second life.'"

"It is definitely a great way to keep him alive in someone else and bring able to help someone else."

Transplant Quebec says in the 20 years since the campaign first began, there have been nearly 2,800 organ donors helping more than 8,000 transplant recipients.

There have also been nearly 1,000 live donors.

Despite what some people may think, there is no age limit to giving, the organization said a 76-year-old man recently passed on five of his organs when he died. The older donor in the province was 88-year-old while the youngest was just 48-hours-old.

For more information on organ donation, visit Transplant Quebec's website.