WATCH: Lafontaine Tunnel work: "significant" impact on traffic

There's another major roadwork project heading your way and that means more traffic problems.

Work on the 50-year-old Lafontaine Tunnel will begin after the new Champlain Bridge is up and running, sometime around 2020.

That will take about four years and result in traffic disruptions, said junior minister for major transport projects Marie-France Bérard.

"Two years will have significant impact on mobility, two years will be partial because we will work (at) night or not where cars or trucks are using (the tunnel)," said Bérard at a news conference updating the project.

Bérard said they will introduce mitigation measures before that to try to change motorists' habit and ease traffic congestion, such as increased bus service and more incentive parking at bus, metro and train stations.

Revamping the tunnel will include repaving, modernizing the lighting, ventilation and drainage, redoing the walls and ceiling, and adding an extra layer of fire protection.

Officials said it's too early to say whether the work will be around the clock.

The newly refurnished tunnel will not have tolls.

The project will not be a private-public partnership but rather a formula that will see the company responsible for the design, the construction and the finaincing, making the company accountable not only to the government but to the lenders for the financing of the project.

Reports say the project will cost an estimated one billion dollars.

As many as 100,000 cars and 15,000 trucks pass through the tunnel every day.