WATCH: Latest Montreal murder victim, an alleged mob hit man, was reportedly warned

We're learning more about a deadly drive-by shooting in east end Saint Leonard Wednesday night.

The victim is identified as Antonio De Blasio, 45, and was known to have ties to the mafia.

He was gunned down near a football practice in Parc Ladauversiere, near the corner of Lisieux and Paimpol streets.

"La Presse is reporting De Blasio had been warned because he was allegedly an assassin for the mafia, involved in several murder plots. He was allegedly also very involved in controlling crime in the Riveres-des-Prairies sector", reported CTV's Max Harrold.

De Blasio had just attended a football practice reportedly involving his son when he was shot. 

Police, who have spoken to many witnesses, didn't yet have a suspect in the case.

They didn't even have a description of the car.

Montreal has recorded 15 murders, so far, in 2017.