WATCH: Liberals give UPAC more power despite opposition

Quebec's anti-corruption watchdog is now its own independent force, with its own watchdog.

The Liberal Party's controversial Bill 107 passed 61-49 in the National Assembly Wednesday.

With its passing, the bill gives UPAC more power and resources when investigating suspected corruption and collusion cases. 

The Parti Québécois, Coalition Avenir Québec and Quebec Solidaire all voted against the legislation, saying it should be delayed following an earlier report shining light on major internal issues - including infighting, jealousy and rivalries - within the force.

The criticism led the Liberals to amend the bill, creating a surveillance committee to keep tabs on all of UPAC's work.

“The timing could not be better. The fundamental item contained in this bill is the formation of a review committee nominated by two-thirds of the members of the National Assembly, reporting to the Assembly at least once a year, probably more, when you have specific issues to report on. This is what's going to address fundamentally the flaws that may or may not exist in the organization,” said Premier Philippe Couillard.