WATCH: Longueuil cops seeking high-strung bus passenger

Police in Longueuil are asking for the public's help in tracking down a man who was caught on video turning a banal encounter on a city bus into physical assault.

The incident happened on Jan. 17 on an RTL bus in the Old Longueuil borough. At a bus stop at the corner of Chemin de Chambly and Nobert Blvd., as the victim was trying to exit the bus, he lightly bumbed the victim's leg, which had been blocking his path.

The suspect apparently took offense to that, punched him in the face, and then pushed him out of the exit door.

Longueuil police say he also got into verbal altercations with other passengers along the route.

They've released a video of the altercation. Anyone with information on who the violent passenger was is being asked to contact the Échec au crime line at 1-800-711-1800, or by dropping them a line at

Police saw a reward of up to $2,000 could be offered for information leading to the man's arrest.