WATCH: Mayor announces traffic squad, but not much else

Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante announced her plan to end your traffic nightmares. It had plenty of positivity but few details.

"We're working to put in place a mobility squad," she said. "Mobility is important."

The traffic squad was one of Plante's campaign promises last fall. She said the team would make their way around the city and find trouble spots and take care of bothersome issues, like delivery trucks and cars double parked.

Other than that, no one really knows what the mobility squad will do to help you get around town quicker.

Opposition leader Lionel Perez was disappointed the Mayor didn't have more information. 

"It's very ambitious. We're all looking forward to get the details to see exactly how they want to implement it and it's delayed. It's a shame that we're hearing an announcement to make an announcement," he said.

Traffic expert Rick Leckner said a mobility squad is definitely something the city needs, and it should be given specific powers to ensure traffic is moving.

Lecker told CTV Montreal he hopes the city uses a model similar to the one in New York City, which has a dedicated traffic enforcement police squad.

"With all due respect to the average cop, he ain't gonna get out of his car, generally, if there's a truck double parked. So it'll be interesting to see if this will be a special section of the police," he said.

The new traffic squad is expected to be rolled out this summer.