WATCH: Mayor launches Mobility Squad to ease traffic around Montreal

The Plante administration has officially launched its promised Mobility Squad that it's hoping will ease your drive around the city.

Six inspectors are covering the downtown area plus parts of the Plateau Mont-Royal and South West boroughs.

They're watching out for obstacles to traffic such as double-parked delivery trucks, cars parked in reserved bus lanes or unauthorized construction sites.

They can also intervene when a work site or vehicle is improperly blocking a sidewalk or bike path.

Mayor Valérie Plante said six inspectors are enough for now since they are helping police and regular inspectors but she is not ruling out adding more and expanding the territory covered.

The inspector can give tickets in certain cases or call police to intervene.

Plante said she doesn't see it as a possible cash grab but a matter of safety and ensuring traffic flow.

"I think we all agree that traffic jams are a problem, people lose a lot of time in traffic jams, it's not good for the economy either," said Plante.

"What we're proposing today is a very concrete tool to make sure that we can fix some problems before they become a huge problem for car drivers and truck drivers."

The inspectors work from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Friday focussing heavily on the morning and afternoon rush hours on major arteries such as René-Lévesque, de Maisonneuve, Ste Catherine and Ontario.

During a pilot project over the past three months, inspectors pinpointed around 1500 situations where traffic was hindered.

The most incidents were reported around René-Lévesque and St. Laurent.

The public can also alert the squad about any obstacles to traffic through social media or by calling 311.

A preliminary report on results is expected at the end of September.