WATCH: Mayor, province back Montreal police plan to regain public trust

Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux reiterated his confidence in Montreal police chief Philippe Pichet on Sunday and express satisfaction with the Montreal Police Department's plans to reinstill public confidence in the force.

On Friday, Pichet gave Coiteux an action plan on winning back the public's confidence after a series of allegations of misdeeds, including the fabrication of evidence. 

Coiteux described the plan as extremely serious and said Pichet is "a man who is determined" to reestablish communication and transparency with the public. 

Next week, Montreal's Public Security Commission will hold a series of meetings to allow the public to read the action plan and to monitor the progress of its recommendations. 

Coiteux warned that "cultural and organizational change" in the police department will not happen overnight, but again repeated his confidence in Pichet and said the force's union would also have a role to play. 

Later in the day, Mayor Coderre commented publicly on Pichet's plan calling it a good first step.

Coderre spoke with reporters at city hall saying, among other things, that there must be a change in culture within the police department, and, like Coiteux, describes the plan as "extremely serious."

"Pichet showed that he's listening, that he wants to surround himself with the best, that he's for real," he said. "It's not only a matter of a management and structure but also a matter of follow-up", said the mayor.

"It's not just a matter of bringing back some confidence with the people, but it's also from the inside, to be proud to be part of the SPVM," he said.

"For a lot of the people, it's not a job, it's a mission", added Coderre.

An administrative inquiry led by former deputy justice minister Michel Bouchard is examining the practices of the SPVM's internal affairs division while the Surete du Quebec is conducting a criminal investigation into the allegations of fabricated evidence. 

-With files from CTV News