WATCH: McGill teacher develops new way to prevent flooding, says testing continues

It's spring and it happens every year, but a McGill mechanical engineering teacher thinks he's come up with a better way to prevent flooding.

Amar Sabih told CTV it could be as effective, if not better, than sandbags and takes much less effort and time to install. 

He said he's testing a system that involves a tarp tied to a metal barrier with pressure from the water, rubber under the tarp and weights keeping it in place. 

"I thought why you need to make the structure. The crowd barriers, that we have thousands of them in Montreal, we can use them", said Sabih.

It takes one person less than 5 minutes to install the barrier.

"What you need [is] to make a structure [on the] your side of the house, on the other side of the street and you put similar material to what you use in the swimming pool but you just send it to the street," added Sabih. 

Similar products have been tried or are on the market, but Sabih said while the material may be expensive, governments could find it less expensive than buying sand and bags which cannot be reused.

"It has been used by other companies that are mostly bankrupt because no one is willing to pay USD$400 for one metre," said Sabih.

He added one advantage of his proposal is that could employ metal barriers that are already used by municipalities for crowd control.

There was no comment yet from the city of Montreal.


-With files from CTV