WATCH: Montreal couple facing eviction from condo

A Lasalle couple is facing eviction from their condo after learning their landlord hasn't being paying her mortgage.

Courtney Casbourne tells CTV she spent the day Wednesday packing up her belongings.

"I'm a paying tenant who has never had never had any issues, any complaints, never done anything wrong and I'm suffering all the consequences," said Casbourne.

Casbourne says they rented their condo a year ago. She got a text message over the weekend from the landlord, telling them they were being evicted as of March 20th.

A bailiff informed the couple the owner had fallen behind on the mortgage and that the bank had begun foreclosure procedures even before they moved in.

Tenants' right advocate Arnold Bennett says the family can file a motion in court asking to stop the eviction but there's no guarantee a judge will grant the request and the paperwork will cost them a thousand dollars.

The mortgage lender TD tells CTV it will meet with the family to go over their lease and says the family won't be immediately evicted.