WATCH: Montreal cyclist narrowly escapes being sideswiped by bus

There's a video making the rounds on social media that shows a Montreal cyclist nearly being sideswiped by an STM bus.

In the video, the cyclist, heading east on Sherbrooke Street, is riding in the middle of the far right lane, when a number 24 bus suddenly passes him extremely closely on the left. 

STM spokesperson Philippe Déry tells CJAD 800 that the video was brought to their attention on Thursday, and an investigation was immediately launched. Déry says that the STM is taking this matter very seriously, and that security and respect are a core prinicipal in the work of their drivers, even if the co-habitation between buses, cyslists, pedestrians and cars in Montreal can be a little complex. 

The SPVM re-iterated that article 487 of the Highway Safety Code states that cyclists are obligated to ride as far to far right of the roadway as possible, with a few exceptions.

"Cyclists may move away from the far right side of the roadway to turn left or when necessary, for example to avoid a car door or an obstacle on the roadway."

The STM says that the bus driver in question will be met with, and that appropriate measures will be taken.