WATCH: Montreal facelift for area below Jacques Cartier bridge

Mayor Coderre has announced the area around the Jacques Cartier Bridge is being reworked.

It's a 120-million dollar project targeting the approach on the Montreal side of the span.

It'll be reconfigured with the addtion of parks and bike paths. 

According to the mayor, more than half a dozen small residential streets between De Lorimier and Dorion, severely affected by traffic during recent construction on the bridge, will become more pedestrian-friendly and will have wider sidewalks.

"We can enhance quality of life of the people, that safety is our priority and we are making sure that at the same time we'll have the fluidity of the people who pass there", said Coderre. 

The project is slated to begin in 2019 and is scheduled to be done by 2025.

—With files from CTV Montreal