WATCH: Montreal man suing SPVM officer for $120,000

A Montreal man who found himself mixed up in a road rage case is suing the other motorist, a Montreal police officer who was off duty at the time.

The incident happened late one snowy January night in 2015 in LaSalle.

Jeffery Pokora says he was at a stop sign on LaSalle St. when an SUV passed him on the left, rolling through the mandatory stop. He says from there he witnessed more aggressive and unsafe behaviour and decided to follow the vehicle to get the license plate and contact police.

Pokora followed the driver of the SUV home and eventually parked his car at the end of the driveway, blocking the other driver in unaware he was an off-duty police officer.

The men exchanged words in the street before Pokora returned to his car to phone police. 

Surveillance video then shows the off-duty officer getting back in to his SUV and backing up, smashing into Pokora's car twice. 

Pokora fled the scene and the video shows the SUV speeding after him, backwards.

Police stopped both vehicles, which is when Pokora says was the first time the other driver identified himself as a police officer.

The officer was never charged, nor did he ever face disciplinary action at the hands of the police ethics commission. 

Pokora was arrested and later charged with harassment and intimidation.

Now in a recently filed lawsuit, Pokora says he suffered neck and back pain and is no longer able to walk, sit or drive for long periods of time. He says he has experienced psychological distress and battled with depression since the incident.

Pokora is seeking $120,000 in compensation.