WATCH: Montreal parts ways with its traffic czar after just a few months

The man hired just a few months ago to become the friendly face of Montreal's construction-induced traffic nightmares is gone.

Pierre Lacasse has parted ways with the city but he did not say whether he was fired.

"It was a contract that could be cancelled,'' he said.

The city said it ended Lacasse's contract, but it wasn't clear why.

A statement from the city states "the experience wasn't conclusive. We put an end to his contract."

Mayor Denis Coderre hailed the former longtime traffic reporter when he announced his hiring last April.

Craig Sauvé, the traffic critic for the opposition at City Hall, said the departure shows Coderre's announcement was nothing more than a PR move.

"From the very beginning the hiring of Lacasse was a publicity stunt by Denis Coderre to make seem as though he is taking action against the city's transport crisis," said Sauvé.

"It is clear that the Coderre administration is not ready to make the crucial choices to reduce automobile traffic in Montreal", he added.

Lacasse's job was to help co-ordinate roadwork to ease congestion in a city that has become synonymous with orange cones and with traffic that is notorious for moving at a snail's pace.

He also was to be a spokesman for all things traffic-related, offering citizens information about why work was occurring and how long it would last.

Lacasse said in an interview with The Canadian Press in early May he knew he'd become a ''punching bag" for frustrated citizens and journalists.


-With files from CTV News and The Canadian Press