WATCH: Montreal picking up tons of trash after Moving Day

As nearly 80,000 people packed up and changed addresses on Sunday they left behind a home, memories and a whole lot of garbage.

City of Montreal crews were busy Monday trying to haul away the many mattresses, refrigerators, sofas and a whole lot more that were left alongside many of the streets around town.

"All in all we will have this week to take care of 50,000 tons of garbage in Montreal," city spokesman Philippe Sabourin told CTV Montreal. 

If you've held off getting rid of some of the no longer needed items in your home after moving, Sabourin is asking you and other Montrealers to think about recycling.

"If it's at all possible citizens should recycle those things our eco-centers are already open so we're asking citizens to recycle their furniture," he said.

The city has seven eco-centres which are open until 6:00 P.M. every day.

If you're thinking of doing a little "dumpster diving" in hopes of finding a treasure in someone else's trash, don't. The city said just let it be, you never know what the potential health and hygiene risks are.