WATCH: Montreal police get a little mud on their tires

It's not big news, but a good laugh might just come through, some Montreal police officers got a little mud on their tires.

On Tuesday, shortly after noon, police were called to Baldwin Park in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough because some nearby residents noticed some suspicious activity near the park's chalet.

When they arrived they found a group of teenagers and stopped them before the building was damaged or anything illegal was done.

Where the call became anything but ordinary was when the officers tried to leave.

Turns out they parked their car where their makeshift dirt road ran out, getting stuck in the mud.

A group of officers tried their best to give the cruiser a push, but it wasn't going anywhere.

In the end a tow-truck had to be called in to help, but not before the entire thing was caught on video and posted to social media.