WATCH: Montreal’s 375th celebrations under budget

The city released its long awaited report on the 375th celebrations. The festivities actually went under budget by 16.3 million dollars.

After raising 123.2 million dollars, Montreal’s 375th came in at about 106.9 million dollars. That surplus will be returned to the municipal and provincial governments. Christine Gosselin is a member of Projet Montreal’s executive committee, and she said the project turned out to be a great deal for the city.

“Because there were generous contributions from the provincial government and from the federal government, I think that it was a very good deal for Montreal,” Gosselin said.

Nearly 90 per cent of the amount raised was public money; 30.8 million dollars from the city, 60 million dollars from the Quebec government, and 18.3 million dollars from the federal government. Gosselin said some of the surplus has already been invested, and they will have to decide how to invest the rest.

“We discovered today that in fact there is an even greater sum of money that was left unspent,” Gosselin said. “We have to make decisions about this money. They’re not made yet.”

As per the report, the events drew 2.4 million unique visitors, 1.8 of who were Montrealers. That means 45 per cent of Montreal’s population attended at least one of the events. Furthermore, the events attracted more than 600,000 tourists. The report cites a 96 per cent satisfaction rate among those surveyed.  

One point of contention during the 375th celebrations was former mayor Denis Coderre’s infamous rodeo. The final cost was 75 thousand dollars, a fraction of a per cent of the total budget.    

You can find the full published report here:

- by Jacob Cohen