WATCH: Montreal wants to allow right on red and rolling stops for cyclists

With the provincial government looking to change the road safety code the City of Montreal had some ideas to help cyclists get around town.

The two main points are widely accepted in many other large cities and commonly used by cyclists in Montreal already: turning right on red and the 'Idaho stop.'

Montreal city councillor responsible for active transit, Marianne Giguere said the changes would force cyclists to change their ways.

"Slow down and make sure that no one wants to cross. No pedestrians are already engaged on the street. And if it's safe, if it's not scaring anybody, if it's not cutting anybody's road, then the cyclist can go on without having to make a real stop and putting their foot on the ground as it is now by the code" she said.

Quebec Transport Minister André Fortin said he has no plans on letting anyone, cyclist or motorist, turn right on red.

The Plante administration also wants the province to require heavy trucks in Montreal have sideguards installed and have "dooring" be recognized as a motor vehicle accident by the SAAQ so victims can be compensated and statistics can be better collected.