WATCH: Montrealer accuses police of racial profiling

A Montreal man plans to file a complaint against police, alleging he was physically and verbally abused by officers searching for a suspect in a stabbing in Cote des Neiges.

Errol Burke says he was buying milk at a depanneur Saturday night when police came into the store and roughed him up.

"Two officers came running into the store with their guns pointed at me, bang, like that, in my face. So I freaked out and said what's going on and they dogpiled me, rammed me into the wall. They spun me around, put my arms behind my back."  Burke told CTV Montreal

Burke says he was handcuffed and after refusing to answer his questions, officers finally revealed they were trying to track down a suspect.

"I said so what's the description of the suspect and nobody answered me. I said, I guess he's brown right, like I am brown.  So I'm him, I'm the guy. " he said.

Police wouldn't comment on the specifics of the case but did tell CTV Montreal the suspect they were looking for was a thin black man.

Burke says he did nothing wrong and believes he was targeted because of the colour of  his skin.