WATCH: Montrealers march for animal rights

Montreal animal lovers came together Sunday to support their fury friends and denounce animal cruelty. 

Hundreds gathered at Mount Royal Park for a march organized by the Montreal SPCA.

Some took the opportunity to speak out against the city's controversial animal control bylaw, also known as the pit-bull ban. Owners said the city is discriminating against one breed where all dogs can be dangerous. 

Anita Kapuscinska, spokesperson for the SPCA, said the shelter has had to modify the way it operates because of the new law.

"What we're doing right now, because we're unable to properly identify which dogs may or may not be targeted by the city of Montreal, we have stopped adopting out dogs over ten kilos within the city of Montreal because we simply don't want a dog to later on be seized by the city because of the way they look."

It wasn't just dog lovers who had it out for City Hall, as other marchers took the opportunity to deplore the recent caleche regulations. Many animal rights advocates wanted Mayor Denis Coderre to try and ban the horse-drawn carriage industry, as he tried to do last year.