WATCH: Montrealers spend hours in line to get into legal pot shops

Montreal's marijuana aficionados got up early Wednesday morning to become the very first to get legal weed.

People began lining up outside the Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC) store on Ste. Catherine St. near Metcalfe St. well before dawn — as early as 3:45 a.m., in fact — before the store's 10 a.m. opening.

Even after noon, the lineups went around the block, west on Ste. Catherine, then south on Metcalfe almost as far as René-Lévesque Blvd, opposite Dorchester Square. By then, those at the end of the line can expect a two-hour wait to get in — if they're lucky.

Hugo Sénécal was the first official customer at the store. He took his place in line at around 3:45 a.m., and says today was Christmas, New Year's, Easter and his birthday all rolled into one.

“Just to make a point that I wanted to be the first one buying recreational cannabis in Montreal and I did it,” he said after spending $130 on 15 grams. “It’s a big day in Canada. For a stoner like me, it’s a big thing. I’m a professional stoner!”

Three SQDC shops are now open for business in Montreal: the Ste. Catherine St. location, one at Plaza St. Hubert (6872 St. Hubert St.), and in Marché Central (9250 Acadie Blvd.)

Two other stores — one at 830 Ste. Catherine St. E. (near Berri Square), and a Brossard location, at 9575 Ignace St., are expected to open soon.