WATCH: Mount Stephen Club reopening as luxury hotel

One of Montreal's architectural gems is reopening this week — as a luxury hotel.

The Mount Stephen Club on Drummond St., a 19th century private mansion which more recently served as a high-end social club, is set to reopen on Monday night, after years of extensive renovations.

An ultramodern 11-story hotel tower was built behind the old building (shown above during the renovations in 2016), and an underground parking garage was added.

Staying at the brand new hotel isn't cheap — the penthouse suite will set you back a cool $7,500 a night.

The original building was constructed in the 1880s as a private home for Scottish native George Stephen, the first president of the Canadian Pacific Railway. It opened as a social club in 1926 and operated as such through 2011, when a labor dispute forced it to shut down.

During renovations in 2016, the discovery of cracks in the old building's facade let to questions about its structural integrity.